About Us

Having opened in 2014, Coloured Sands Clinic is a community focused dental practice providing ethical dentistry at affordable prices. Our modern and comfortable dental premises will ensure your relaxed and pleasant visit. We are located in the Cooloola Cove shopping centre and provide dental services to all areas of the Coolooa Coast including Tincan Bay, Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach, Goomboorian and Gympie.

We offer a full range of general and preventative dental care, and in addition we have available tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign and orthodontics and dental implants.

Our experienced team is highly trained and will provide you with a gentle and caring experience. Dr William completed his training in London and can perform affordable complex surgical implant treatments. Dr Aarjun has completed his dental training in the Gold Coast and excels in delivering beautiful aesthetic results for his patients. We want to provide exceptional service to the community and believe in the holistic aspects of life, trying to combine this in our practice. The Coloured Sands Clinic believes in the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and lifestyle factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. With this concept in mind the Coloured Sands Clinic has created a team which share this vision and passion to provide a sincere service to the area.

Patients with Private Health Insurance will enjoy the value and convenience of instant claiming. Patients eligible for funding under the Veteran’s Health Program, and the Child Dental Benefit Scheme are most welcome and will be bulk billed. We understand that our patients have busy lives, and as such we are able to provide late evening appointments and Saturday’s by appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic at your next appointment.

Our Team

  • Dr William: Dentist
  • Dr Aarjun: Dentist
  • Dr Joel: Dentist
  • Gemma: Reception
  • Megan: Dental Assistant
  • Kaysea (Dental Assistant)
  • Rochelle: Podiatrist
  • Dr Lily: Chiropractor


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Opening Hours: Monday 9am-4pm, Tuesday 8am-6pm, Wednesday 8am-5pm, Thursday 8am-6pm, Friday 8am-6pm Sat & Sun (By appointment), Emergency Hours Available