About Us

coloured-sandsDr William is a very experienced dentist that provides many different services from complex surgical and affordable implant work to orthodontics and general dental care. Trained in London and loving the coast William looks forward to putting a smile on your face! William hopes to bring sensible reasonable pricing to the practice, but with the experience of high-end cosmetic and reconstructive oral surgery and dentistry.

The Coloured Sands Clinic started with the idea of creating a space for like minded practitioners who wanted to share and provide an affordable, friendly and professional service to the area. It was first opened in 2014 by William and Paola and slowly has been growing since! We want to provide exceptional service to the community and believe in the holistic aspects of life, trying to combine this in our practice. The Coloured Sands Clinic believes in the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental, social and lifestyle factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. With this concept in mind the Coloured Sands Clinic has created a team which share this vision and passion to provide a sincere service to the area.

William and Paola met traveling in China in their late teens. Paola pursued a career in archaeology and history of art. William pursued dentistry. William worked for several years in the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery, spent years gaining experience and further qualifications in implant treatments and facial injectables as well as two years of orthodontic study. Paola went on to do a masters degree and worked in museums in New York and London. She has also studied health coaching in the New York School for Integrative Nutrition. In 2011 they decided to explore Australia where they fell in love with the Aussie countryside and Queensland. The creation Coloured Sands Clinic has provided the perfect opportunity to setup a clinic together in a beautiful part of the world.

Our Team

  • Dr William: Dentist
  • Paola: Health Coach and Practice Manager
  • Jess: Reception and Dental Assistant
  • Sonya: Reception and Dental Assistant
  • Drew: Reception and Dental Assistant
  • Rochelle: Podiatrist
  • Dr Lily: Chiropractor


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Opening Hours: Monday 9am-4pm, Tuesday 8am-6pm, Wednesday 8am-5pm, Thursday 8am-6pm, Friday 8am-6pm Sat & Sun (By appointment), Emergency Hours Available