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Want To Make Your Child Love Their Dentist?

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We are all about making your child feel safe and comfortable during their visit

Child Safe Numbing

If there is a need for numbing we have special happy gas safe for children

Latest Technology

We use latest digital technology for more favourable outcome.

Pain Free

Our staff is here to make the procedure as efficient and painless as possible for your children

Australian Made

All our products are high quality Australian made to provide you with the best care possible

Payment Plans

Various payment plans and options available to get your children sorted with proper teeth growing up

Here Is Our

Approach To Children's Dentistry

At your child's first consultation, we will assess their mouth and suggest the most suitable approach, and if needed, we will take all the time we need to ensure they feel comfortable and safe

What Is 

Children's Dentistry Sedation

If a child is particularly nervous about dental appointments, sedation dentistry can take the stress out of the situation and help them relax.

Parents benefit too. Getting a child through a dental visit can be challenging, and dental sedation for kids makes this parenting job easier – no one wants the emotional trauma of seeing their youngster struggling and screaming in the dental chair.

For children, dental sedation is usually limited to minimal sedation or moderate sedation, for safety purposes.

What Counts As Minimal Sedation?

Minimal sedation dentistry can be administered orally or by inhalation of nitrous oxide – happy gas. In some cases, a combination of both methods may provide the best sedation solution.

Although dental sedation is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, most patients – including kids – remain aware of their surroundings. However, they have little or no recollection about the procedure afterwards.

What To Expect From

Happy Gas For Kids

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation, a relaxant drug is taken ahead of treatment. This lessens apprehension by suppressing brain activity that triggers a fright reaction. The dosage is determined by the child’s age, weight and overall health. During the dental procedure, most youngsters are able to remain responsive to their dentist.

Moderate sedation

Moderate sedation involves injection of an anxiety-countering drug into the blood system via a vein in the arm or hand – IV (intravenous) sedation. It works fast and levels are adjusted according to the type of dental treatment and length of the procedure.

Vital signs such as pulse and oxygen levels are monitored throughout the treatment, and blood pressure is checked before and afterwards.

Inhalation Sedation

Inhalation sedation entails breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Nitrous oxide calms the child by stimulating pleasant feelings. It works quickly and the effects tend to soon wear off. Special breathing masks are available for kids, introducing scents into the odourless happy gas. This can help to make the process less intimidating. While a few children may react adversely to nitrous oxide, most just get the giggles.

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