Chiropractic Services

Dr Lily Matthews is the resident Chiropractor within the Coloured Sands Clinic, her expertise lies in the conservative management of the musculoskeletal system specializing in the spine and it’s biomechanical function.

What does a chiropractor do? An initial consultation with Dr Lily Matthews will consist of a thorough physical exam to assess overall health, gross motor function of the body and more specific segmental mobility of the spine. An orthopaedic and preliminary neurological assessment is also undertaken to determine if there is neurological involvement and if any referrals to other health specialist are required.

After determining that chiropractic care is right for your specific concern, Dr Lily will commence care predominately in the form of Spinal Manipulation Therapy however treatment will also include joint mobilisation, traction and muscular trigger point therapy when indicated.
How can chiropractic care benefit you? The application of chiropractic care is most useful in dealing with:

  • Chronic/acute pain
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Scoliosis management
  • Cervicogenic headaches
  • Postural conditions
  • RTI’s


  • Will I need a referral from a GP to see the chiropractor?

    No, you do not require a referral to visit a chiropractor.
  • Will I need x-rays?

    Depending upon your specific issues you may be referred for x-rays. Dr Lily will refer for x-rays in the event that there is an indication to do so or a concern.
  • Will a chiropractic adjustment be painful?

    Chiropractic adjustments are very skilfully applied with the least amount of discomfort to the patient.

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