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Wondering How To Get That Invisible Smile Aligner?

Affordable Long Term Solution

Clear Aligners Gypmie are a great solution to get your bite and smile perfectly straight again

Digital Fit

With the latest technology we will digitally design and optimise your aligners

Great Benefits

Our Clear Aligners offer far greater levels of discretion than any other type of braces

A Smile You Will Love

Invisalign straightens teeth in a series of precisely timed and regulated movements.

Australian Made

All our clear teeth aligners are high quality Australian made

Payment Plans

Various payment plans and options available to get you sorted with a new smile

Here Is Our

Solution To Straighten Your Smile

At your first consultation, we will assess your mouth and suggest the most suitable alternative that fits within your goals and budget

Clear Aligners in Cooloola Cove

Although clear plastic aligners are much less conspicuous than standard braces, they work along similar principles. This means they can address many orthodontic issues.

The removable invisible teeth aligner trays are worn 22 hours a day, with a new set every two weeks or so.

This allows better control than braces.

The average treatment time with clear aligners is about 12 months – up to twice as fast as braces. Your Cooloola Cove dentist will see you every four to six weeks to monitor your progress.

Compared with braces, our Clear Aligners Cooloola Cove offer far greater levels of discretion, comfort and convenience.

What Are The Benefits of Clear Teeth Aligners?

The clear medical-grade plastic is virtually unnoticeable in your mouth, and the smooth edges avoid gum irritation.

Unlike fixed braces, Invisible aligners can be taken out to clean your teeth. This avoids the potential oral hygiene risks of fixed braces, which make brushing and flossing difficult.

The removability of Invisalign has other benefits, too. You can pop out the appliances for meals and snacks, so there are none of the dietary restrictions that come with fixed braces.

What Problems Does Clear Aligners Fix?

Depending on the severity of the orthodontic issue, our Clear Aligners can provide an effective solution in cases of:

• Crooked teeth 
• Crowded teeth
• Gapped teeth

Our Clear Aligners can also help individuals with bite problems such as:

• Overbite – protruding teeth.
• Crossbite – upper teeth closing on the inside of lower teeth.
• Open bite – upper and lower teeth failing to meet properly.
• Underbite – lower teeth overlapping upper teeth.

Some of the most prominent benefits of clear aligners include their:

• Easy application design 
• Simple maintenance needs 
• Virtually unnoticeable 
• Assistance in enhancing your smile

Our teeth straightening aligners may look like little bits of plastic but they pack a powerful hi-tech punch. Contact our Cooloola Cove Dental Clinic to book an appointment today.

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